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Surnames I research:
(click active links for pages dedicated to these surnames)

Casey^, Haupt^,
Harris, Fisher^, Ratliff, Turnbo*,
Artieschoufskey (Arciscewski?)^,

London^, Altman, White, Cox^, Holt^,
Griggs^, Jackson, Bussey, Oldham , Smith

(***see my note regarding my research below:)
^ indicates special current areas of intense interest as of 9/04.
*Turnbo also sometimes spelled Turnbow, Turnbough, Turnboo, or Turnbeaugh

Index of Family Pages:

The Descendants of James Hill Casey (1813-1901)
James Hill Casey, my 3rd great-grandfather.

The Descendants of Willis Casey (1836-1895)
Willis Casey, my 2nd great-grandfather.
(son of James Hill Casey I)

The Descendants of James Hill Casey "II" (1866-1927)
James Hill Casey "II" (Hill Casey), my great-grandfather.

Descendants of John Andrew Turnbough (1740-1846)
Alsatian immigrant and my 6th great-grandfather.

The Descendants of Terrell J. Jackson (1805-1867)
Terrell J. Jackson, early Texas settler and my 3rd great-grandfather.

The Descendants and Ancestors of Geo. Washington Griggs (1819-1895)
Dr. G.W. Griggs, my 2nd great grandfather.

The Descendants of John Altman (1786-1854)
John Altman,  my 4th great-grandfather.

The Descendants of William London
William London, my 2nd great-grandfather

White/Holt/Cox/Bussey Lines
The ancestry of my great-grandmother Susie White London

Fisher/Ratliff Family Page
Ancestry of Maggie Fisher, wife of James Hill Casey "II" (Hill Casey)

Descendants of Louis Haupt (1838-1911)
Louis Haupt b. 1838 in Germany, immigrated ca. 1874-1885

My "old" original Casey Page (now semi-retired)
The original front-page of this site (oldest page).

Index of Data Pages*:

*These new pages are PDF (Portable Document Format) files converting certain parts of my GEDCOM file into webpages with more in-depth genealogical data for research purposes.  The Family Pages are more "skeletal" whereas these "data" pages will offer more complete information about ancestors, such as dates and places of birth and death, as well as marriage information.  Source information is also able to be conveyed.

Since privacy is a concern, these pages should NOT contain information about individuals known to still be living.  If you do find a living individual, please notify me so these can be modified.  I have tried NOT to include anyone living in these data pages, but it is possible a person or two may have slipped through owing to error.

I list these pages here as an index, and the appropriate Data Page will (eventually) be linked to the appropriate Family Page.  These pages require Adobe Acrobat reader, which your computer probably already has, but if not, click the link above to download.  These are listed in alphabetic order by surname.  Most pages are Register Reports, breaking down descendants by generation, and listing information in a logical manner.  Some files may be other types of data pages, such as Outline Descendancy Trees, etc.

Register Report of Descendants of John Altman

Register Report of Descendants of James H. Casey (1813-1901)

Register Report of Descendants of Cary Cox, Sr.
(updated 10/18/2005)

Descendant Outline Report of Cary Cox, Sr.
(updated 10/18/2005)

Register Report of Descendants of James L. Fisher

Register Report of Descendants of James Griggs

Register Report of Descendants of Samuel Harris

Register Report of Descendants of Louis Haupt

Register Report of Descendants of Robert Holt
Note:  This file utilizes controversial data from the Woodland Shockley papers.

Outline Descendancy Tree of Simon Holt
A simple outline tree of the descendants of Simon Holt, the first Holt ancestor of my line who migrated into Georgia.

Register Report of Descendants of Terrell J. Jackson

Register Report of Descendants of William London

Register Report of Descendants of Job Ratliff

Register Report of Descendants of James T. White

(Other Data Pages forthcoming)

Index of Manuscript Pages:

White/Holt/Cox Genealogy Sketch Facsimile
A scanned copy of the genealogy research of Pat Goad White (wife of a great-granduncle).  This document, written in about 1960 provides a great deal of information about the above mentioned surnames, as well as other interesting information about their connection to history.  Errors are noted, and 'updates' are being made.

Holt Documents
This page has links to two documents concerning the Holt surname in early Virginia.  One is a somewhat controversial document by Woodland G. Shockey.  Whether these Holts were actually the earliest Holt ancestors of mine is not fully authenticated.

Sketches and Memories of My Family
 by Robert Sledge Griggs
Facsimile of book online.
*includes Altman, Griggs, and Jackson genealogy information.

Biography of T.J. Jackson
A biography of T.J. Jackson (my 3rd great grandfather) by another descendant of his, Carolyn Wallace.  The work is entitled: Terrell Jethro and Julia Coleman Jackson Come to the Land of Promise.

Last Will & Testament of William Holt
Transcribed will of Wm. Holt of Talbot Co., Georgia, my 4th great grandfather.

Index of "Place" Pages:

Caseys in Young County, Texas
Young County is in North Central Texas, and is the burial place of James Hill Casey (see photos!)

Brownwood, Texas -- Home of the Annual Casey Family Reunion
A small page with an interactive Map Link to Brownwood.

Map to Cox-Griggs Burial Ground - Putnam Co., Georgia
Gravesite of Cary Cox, Sr., Revolutionary War Patriot, and my 6th great grandfather

Index of Photo Pages:

Photos of the Casey Family (page 1)
My direct Casey ancestors

More photos of the Casey family (page 2)
Mary Caroline Casey Haynes, and Jennie Haynes

Even more photos of Caseys (page 3)
Mack Henry Casey and descendants

Even more photos of Caseys (page 4)
Uncle Nat and Aunt Mary

Reunion Photo Page
Casey Family Reunion Photos from the 1950's

Altman Family Photos
Photos of Altman ancestors

*Please note that most future family photos will be placed
on one of my sites rather than here due to ease of placement.

If you wish to be invited to these private sites, please
Email  me (please be able to demonstrate your relation.)

Other Pages:

My Civil War Ancestors
A site under construction to list my ancestors (and others) who fought in the War Between the States.

Mission Page
Why do I do genealogy?  What are my goals?  Can I help you find your ancestors?

Other Genealogical Sites I Manage (GEDCOMs):

Please note:  The GEDCOM files on Rootsweb are "cleaned" of any important identifying data about living individuals.  If you find sensitive personal data on this website, please notify me, so I can alter it, remove it or otherwise make it to your satisfaction.  Also, see new Data Pages.
My WorldConnect
Compiled GEDCOM Site at Rootsweb:
From this page, you can look at, manipulate, and download
a GEDCOM* file of my compiled research.
(please note that the compiled GEDCOMwill always be more up to date than the ones that follow that contain selected surnames/descendancies.)

Altman GEDCOM on Rootsweb

London GEDCOM on Rootsweb

White/Holt/Cox GEDCOM on Rootsweb

Jackson/Griggs GEDCOM on Rootsweb

An open invitation exists to be part of my Altman, Casey, or London sites.

Notify me if you want to be invited to these private sites.
Please specify which surname you are requesting.  Jackson & Griggs
family welcome to use the Altman site.  Holt, Cox, & Bussey are welcomed to the London and White Site
(Reserved for folks who are actually family!)

I am the List Administrator for the London Surname Listserv on Rootsweb.
Research on this surname is difficult because the city of London, England is often found during searches, so I created this Listserv (London-Surname-L) to allow discussion of STRICTLY the surname of London.  Please see my London page for instructions on how to join.

Looking for New England Casey connections?  Try HERE

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*Please note that is about the personal genealogy of the webmaster, David L. Casey, and is not dedicated, to ALL Casey genealogy/families, nor do I research other Casey families other than my own.  Of course there are numerous other surnames I research from my maternal side which have nothing to do with the Casey surname.  Thanks for your visit!  Please vote if you haven't done so already!


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*Special Notes:

This research/data is by no means flawless.  Some is speculation, some is more sure.  Always do your own research to confirm your suspicions, and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for...I'm always adding new things, but remember that my GEDCOM files will always reflect the latest changes.  The main GEDCOM is located at this link.

I receive numerous Email inquiries about my genealogy research, and although I'm happy to entertain questions, I sometimes don't have a specific answer.  One of the reasons is that some of the names in my GEDCOM got there because I would find a relative or branch in a large file that another researcher had created, and simply assimilate that file into my own, rather than "picking out" my direct line. (**Although I have decreased the size the online files to include only those more closely related, there are many lines that are tangential for me, and thus I am bound to know little about these lines.  My larger file with more unrelated folks has been retired, though I still possess a copy.) 

There are therefore a few  people/surnames that got attached to my large compilation file who I have no relation to (other than by marriage, or another unusual connection) and who I know nothing about.  It was simply easier to merge these files rather than pick apart just those "closely related".  Therefore, I tend to stay within the confines of the specific names listed above as to who I actively research, and therefore I will be unlikely to know about people without these specific surnames.

The Turnbo line (and offshoots) is especially rich in my file, and although I know a good deal about the Turnbo (Turnbough, Turnbow, etc.) line farther back (say before 1815), the fact that my latest Turnbo relative was Jane Turnbo(w), a female born in 1815 (thus her descendants didn't carry the Turnbo surname into my line) makes this family later on "tangential lines" for the most part for me.  Therefore, I'm not apt to know as much about lines in later times because they don't lead to my direct family.  In addition, many of the queries I receive are from researchers of surnames who married into the Turnbo line further down the chain (Cosper and Gates are prime examples.)   Fortunately, much of this has been worked out by other researchers, and should be available via the links on my Turnbough page above.

In addition, I receive queries about people with surnames that I do research, but who don't appear in my file.  Most likely if the person isn't able to be located via my GEDCOM, then I won't have any information.

Thank you very much for visiting, and please feel free to Email me if you have any questions or concerns that you believe I may be of assistance in helping with!  Also, don't forget I'm always open to learning more from those out there who KNOW more than I do!  Truth be known, most of the research herein is derived from others' hard work, and I have simply compiled it into a website. 

Happy Hunting!


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Index of Pages:

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TJ Jackson (migrated to Texas in 1841) &
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